Information about ports in the Qeqqata region

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Atlantic Quay

Length: 60 meters
Water Depth: 8-9 meters

Oil Quay

Length: 20 meters
Water Depth: 7-8 meters

Skonnet Quay

Length: 15 meters
Water Depth: 9 meters

New Port

Length: 10 meters
Water Depth: 86 meters


Atlantic Quay

Length: 60 meters
Water Depth: 10/12 meters

Fishery Quay (Factory)

Length: 40 meters
Water Depth: 7,5 meters

Trawler Quay

Length: 7 meters
Water Depth: 10/14,5 meters



Kangerlussuaq Port is managed by Sikuki, and further information about the port can be found at the following locations:

If you wish to obtain more information about Kangerlussuaq Port, you can visit Sikuki’s official website:



Lov tide: 3 Meters
High tide: 10 Meters
Load capacity: 2 tons

Pontoon bridges

Itilleq has a single pontoon bridge primarily designed for small boats and targa boats.”



High tide: 4,65 Meters

Pontoon bridges

Napasoq has a total of nine pontoon bridges, with one of them serving as a pedestrian walkway. The other eight pontoon bridges are primarily intended for small boats and targa boats.

It’s important for all users to remember that placing objects on top of the pontoon bridges is not allowed, as they must be kept clear and clean. Any items placed on the bridges will be removed.

Information about Nukissiorfiit’s prices:

Electricity and water are priced the same, whether you are a private individual, a fishing factory, or any other industry. You can find all the prices on the Nukissiorfiit website. Click in and see all the information from Nukissiorfiit.

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